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Secondary Activity: REDES

The mission of REDES, Raparigas em Desenvolvimento, Edcucação e Saúde (Girls in Development: Education and Health), is to promote Mozambican girls and women, giving them the knowledge to make healthy decisions, build successful futures, and reduce vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. 

The first REDES groups began in 2005, where they had a nation conference that included more than 10 groups from 3 provices, bringing Mozambican girls and facilitators together to discuss issues that directly affect women and girls in Mozambique as well as the future of the country itself. Today REDES still has an annual conference, however each region of Mozambique (North, Central and South) has their own regional conference due to the ever increasing number of REDES groups run by both PCV's and Mozambican facilitators. Last year more than 60 groups sent representatives to the annual regional conferences. Along with conference, REDES hosts Inter-group exchanges, where two or more groups from surrounding areas get together, share what they are doing, and participate in community development project. REDES seeks to equip Mozambican girls and women with the ability to choose their own futures. Through community-based groups, REDES participants will gain self-confidence and knowledge regarding health, life-skills, and gender issues in the Mozambican context. the goal of REDES is to provide education as a way to empower Mozambican girls and woman and increase their decision making skills and self-esteem with a specific focus on HIV prevention. Peace Corps Volunteer in Mozambique train local women as counterparts and facilitators to ensure the sustainability of REDES.


Program Goals:

  • Empower young Mozambican women through gender-awareness and skills-based activities, giving them the knowledge to make healthy decisions and build successful futures, thus reducing their vulnerability to HIV and AIDS.
  • We seek to equip young women with skills and self-confidence to give them the capacity to choose their own futures.

Program Activities:

Local groups can choose to pursue a variety of interests during their weekly or bi-weekly meetings, but all groups focus on the core REDES goals of health, education, and development.

  • Community Service Young women organize and lead activities that emphasize the importance of youth in community development.
  • Income Generation Young women learn the basic principles of income generation by participanting in jewelry-making, cooking, agriculture, and sewing projects.
  • Culture, Arts, and Sports Young women form sports teams, choirs, theather groups, and art clubs in order to improve their skills in an empowering environment..
  • Vocational Training Young women learn publick speaking, computer literacy, and other skills that will prepare them for successful careers.

REDES is a national movement where young women will be encouraged to advocate for women’s rights, learn about women’s health, and become leaders in their communities. Jacqueline Uffman Redes Coordinator 2010